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1. Concurrency. Introduction

2. Concurrency. Race Conditions

3. Concurrency. Mutex and Futex

4. Concurrency. Condition Variables

5. Concurrency. Tools

6. Concurrency. Java Mutex and Conditions

7. Concurrency. Atomics and Memory Models



PoCrypt. A Proof Of Concept For Dynamically Decrypting Linux Binaries

GNU/Linux Crypters. Crafting Binaries

GNU/Linux Crypters. The PIE case

Understanding SYN Scan

Everything you never wanted to know about stack canaries



The Perfect Knowledge Transfer Equation

Knowledge Equivalence

Smart Manuals



Hardware Hacking Box. HELP

Hardware Hacking Box. Serial Access to Routers

SUP DeMO. November 2016

Building Portable Devices

Quick and Dirty Raspberry Pi Spy Cam

Measuring RpiCam Bandwidth Performance

Real-time Bandwidth Monitoring

Having Fun with your Home Router

BeagleBoard I2C. Interfacing to the WiiChuck

BeagleBone Black and Watterott display


GNU/EDMA Tutorials

Fixing GNU/EDMA to work on 64bits platforms

GNU/EDMA Tutorial. Objects and Classes



Four Unorthodox Ways to Transfer Files

Multimedia 101. Feel the Source

Create a Secure Storage for your Precious Data

Home file Server with your Preferred SBC!

Remote Support with screen

GNU/Linux Distro Transplantation

Two More Unorthodox ways to transfer files



Add a Remote Shell to your Android App

Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking. Part I

Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking. Part II (Sensors)

Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking. Part II. More sensors

Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking. Part III. What a Shell!

Awesome Android eXtreme Hacking. Part IV. GNU/Linux on your Pocket

Android Development for Web Programmers



How to get the ESSID of the Wifi network you are connected to?

How to use tee and splice

Using a parameter to iterate a loop

Network Programming Series

C vs Java Network Programming. Echo Server

Java vs C Network Programming. Java NIO Buffers

Java vs C Network Programming. Select and Selectors

Java vs C Network Programming. Binary Protocols and Vectorized IO

Java vs C Network Programming. Revisiting Selectors (poll & epoll)



Privacy Future Threads. The Subconscious E-Mirror

Augmented Perception. Circunventing the Augmented Reality Metonymy



Introducing Nyx. Basic Networking API

NetKitty. Updated Tutorial


Pervasive Widgets. Introducing the HERMITs

HERMITs: Detecting user activity

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